Community Gardens

Gardening for food production

Our aim is to produce as much of our own organically grown fresh produce as possible. What began as some simple raised beds in the beginning in 2010 has developed into large areas dedicated to producing abundant harvests of veggies, fruit and herbs.

This ensures we eat only what is in season, there are drastically reduced food miles required to feed our family of four, there are no herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or any chemicals used in our food production. It’s picked fresh and therefore contains maximum nutritional value. Wherever possible we plant heirloom varieties from seeds. 

Our herb patch is filled with all different herbs that I use either in cooking, to make herbal infusions or to use in products like Green Tree’s Healing Ointment.

The Permaculture principles have always resonated with us and we've incorporated many in the design and use of our home and land. Permaculture gives humanity the tools we need to proactively address the escalating environmental crisis, but it is much more than a set of tools, it is an expression of mindfulness and reverence for the sacredness of life.

Fresh Produce, Southwest, grow your own, green gardening, sustainable garden guru
Fresh Produce, southwest, grow your own, sustainable living,

We have planted many fruit trees so that we are able to pick fresh fruit off a tree for every month throughout the year.  So far, there’s:

  • 4 Pears,

  • 7 Apples,

  • 2 Oranges,

  • 2 Mandarins,

  • 3 Plums,

  • 2 Peach,

  • 2 Cherry,

  • 2 Olive,

  • Cumquat,

  • 2 Limes,

  • 2 Macadamias,

  • 2 Almonds,

  • 2 Nectarines

  • 2 Figs and

  • 2 Apricots.

  • 1 Pomegranate

  • Plus berries galore!

"I encourage you all to grow as much of your own food as your yard will allow. I will regularly write about growing your own in my blog for inspiration and advice."