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Healing Garden Consult

By listening and connecting during an onsite Healing Garden Consultation, I can help you to fulfill your role as land guardian as well as guide you to the plant allies your land can grow to help holistically heal you both

Would you like help in creating your very own Healing Garden?  Why not book an on-site ​consultation!

During these consultations I share with you my rich mandala of teachings and practical experience in creating gardens that nurture your body, mind and spirit as well as support all backyard biodiversity. Healing Gardens incorporate growing your own herbal medicine, creating plant medicines like ointments, infusions and flower essences, as well as areas dedicated to caring for the endemic fauna and native pollinators.

A 2.5 hour onsite initial consultation involves meeting you to discuss:

🌿 A naturopathic consultation to assess the particular health needs of all those in your household

🌿 Your current garden plantings, gardening methods

🌿 Your land/backyard's physical and energetic health

🌿 An assessment of your garden site to determine the plants that would most suitably grow there

All information will then be gathered to create your own personalised Healing Garden plan. This information will be printed and presented to you at a follow up onsite consultation.

Your plan will include:

🌿 A list of medicinal plants for your specific health needs that would grow well in your garden,

🌿An instruction guide on when and how to harvest your medicinal herbs, with detailed info on preparing remedies from your harvest,

🌿 suggestions on how to holistically improve the health of your land

🌿 advice on how to support your backyards biodiversity and mini-ecosystem health and wellbeing, including pollinator friendly plant selections, native bee care and your very own native bee hotel, made by me.

For more information, please send me an email with your phone number and I will contact you or alternatively phone during work hours; 9am-3pm Mon- Fri on 0400 976 434

(Prices are subject to distance traveled from my home in North Greenbushes)


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