everything is connected

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I can help you with a natural & holistic

approach to your health and wellness that combines ways to care for our

Earth at the same time

I offer you a rich mandala of teachings within private consultations dedicated to

personal & planetary healing


Hi, I'm Tracy,

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If you're looking for a Naturopath who can help improve your overall health & vitality with modalities and recommendations that are combined with thoughtfulness, intuition and compassion.... Then you've arrived at the right place! Welcome.

I have been walking the plant path for almost 20 years, extolling the benefits of nature connection, gardening & growing herbal allies.

In your consultation I will invite you to share my deep love for plant medicines to assist you with the reclamation of your personal and individual version of wellness.

We will then work together in partnership to turn your health wishes into grounded actions.

I'm so glad you're here!

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"Tracy, Thank you for being beautiful you, and I’m so glad our paths have met.
It was wonderful to chat today, I could feel the energy bouncing across our wide beautiful land. Thank you for shining so brightly, that we feel your warmth here on the East Coast
Immense love and gratitude"

Mel Kelz, NSW


"Hi Trac, I just wanted to say a really huge thank you for allowing me to be a part of your Flower Tribe and speaking to you recently has really just left me buzzing to get re-intouch with a side of myself that has been laying dormant since my beautiful boys arrived Earthside. You have inspired me (and your stunning essence) to go back to my calling and realise that I can be the mother I want to as well as get back to my herbs, crystals and spiritual side...  your presence has reminded me of what I am truly capable of. So, from the bottom of my heart & soul - thank you"
Emma Dean, NSW


"Ya know, each morning I reach into my lucky bag of your essences and take a dropper of whatever I'm given that day. Prob not the ideal, but I LOVE them. xxx"

Mary Reynolds - nature activist and reformed landscape designer, Ireland