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30ml Flower Spirit Medicine


Divine Masculine Healing (Month 3 on your 6 month Bee Priestess Healing Journey)

Yes, this healing is essential for women on our healing journeys as we all embody feminine and masculine aspects within. The masculine is the protector of the feminine. Our inner divine masculine energy needs healing to be strong - but in a balanced not overpowering way. Healing our Divine Masculine energy is about acknowledging and respecting ourselves and prioritising our needs to initiate the necessary changes in our lives. This is powerful, passionate, focused, protective and courageous energy that increases our assertiveness, initiative, goal settings and manifesting skills to move forward in life. This is also an important step towards connecting to our warrior energy within. From this inner fire we can hold & protect our most quintessential Divine Feminine flow in a chalice of self love, self confidence, self worth and self respect



Succuss the bottle and place 7 drops under the tongue morning and night. Keep on your bedside table, away from any phone and electromagnetic fields and take the doses as you wake and just before going to sleep each night.



our purified rainwater, brandy, flower essence of Protea cynaroides


Bee Priestess Essences 'Divine Masculine Healing' 30ml

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