Combining the healing offerings of my tincture of organically grown Peppermint Leaf with my Powerful Protector Bee Priestess Essence.


This is a beautiful, holistic combination. The peppermint soothes physical gut symptoms like bloating, flatulent colic, irritable bowel & nausea (and tastes like a peppermint party in your mouth!!)


The flower essence calms the effects of stress & emotions on your nervous system that can lead to an anxious, nervous tummy Sometimes we may not even be aware of what is causing our nervous gut symptoms. This is where protection from external energies is vital. This essence surrounds your whole energy field in a powerful, protective bubble


A small batch is available now


*** Not to be used by breastfeeding Mum's and those that suffer from regular oesophageal reflux. And a consult to dive deeper into why you're experiencing imbalanced gut health is highly recommended. Skype and In-clinic consults available ***


1:5 tincture


Ingredients: peppermint leaf, vodka, melaleuca pulchella flower essence,

Gut Healing Peppermint & Protection

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