Sacred Bee Spirit Guides


Our bee brothers and sisters are some of the most ancient beings and teachers on planet Earth.  Their powerful skills of adaptation and their current plight with widespread insect biodiversity loss, have brought them to the forefront of collective consciousness, as every being on Earth faces a time of incredible transformation and vulnerability.

Along with the Bee Priestess Essences, these sacred Wisdom keepers can guide us through this evolutionary time with new pathways of shamanic healing and transformation to realise the highest potential of humanity.

To open to this Spirit Guide connection we first need to create a garden that attracts them in and cares for them... a Healing Garden - one of reciprocity. Then sit and listen to them buzz in the flowers you've grown for them. They become our Spirit Guides when we love them, respect them and open our hearts to them.

They truly are pollinators of personal and planetary healing.





Wise Ancient Beeings

Here for over 100 million years of Gaia’s herstory

Thriving in a co-creative, reciprocal relationship

On a sentient planet, billions of years old


What if we listened to your guidance?

And like you, became the guardian gardeners

Caretaking and nurturing the natural world

And began a new human story of co-evolution in

Harmony with ALL life


What if we listened to your guidance?

And chose to pollinate LOVE across the planet

Where this love plants the seeds into our Souls,

Seeds that carry the intention of consciousness ascension

What if we listened to your guidance?

And with a hive superconsciousness

Began the new heart-centred paradigm on Earth

Where love, joy, peace, compassion, equality, collaboration, spirituality and our Divine Nature thrives alongside Mother Nature

Wise Ancient Beeings

Whose buzz is the vibration of the cosmos

That holds the vibration of the Heart of Earth,

We now open our hearts to your guidance

And co-resonate your cosmic song

Manifesting the healing transmutation for all

So Bee It.

by Tracy Lansdell - Modern Day Bee Priestess