Green Tree's Apothecary

All plant ingredients are lovingly grown, nurtured & then handcrafted here in Green Tree's Healing Garden.

Since 2006, our dedication to holistically nurture our land - the tiny patch of Mother Earth we are guardian of - has resulted in a garden that is healthy, happy and healed on a physical and energetic level. Our land can therefore grow the most dynamic, powerful plant medicines to holistically heal us and you.


Consultations can be via phone, skype or in-clinic in North Greenbushes.

Once you've purchased your consult, I will contact you with the earliest available dates and times. For phone and skype consults, simply download the form, fill in and email to me prior to your consultation.

"The consultation process was friendly, caring and thorough. This was the beginning of my journey towards a better life. Under Tracy's care, my symptoms were relieved and I learnt how to build and maintain a strong immune system. With her I've learnt to understand my body and how it works and therefore practice preventative healthcare. Her perfect blend of compassion, intuition and knowledge ensures the experience is positive and supportive. I will be forever grateful to her." Toni

Guest Speaking, Workshops and Fermenting Parties.

"I've been an avid gardener for over 30 years and I'm amazed that I didn't know about native bees this whole time. Thank you Tracy for your wonderful talk and opening up a whole new exciting element to my gardening. I'm going to go and design my bee hotel and I can't wait for Spring". Beth

I’m regularly invited to speak at various events, including gardening clubs, festivals, community gardens, schools & field days. I also run my own workshops amongst my garden for a real hands-on educational experience. I love working with people and enjoy talking to large and small groups, sharing experiences, educating and motivating on ways we can care for ourselves and our environment.

I offer a variety of talks and workshops either in my garden or I can travel to you. The best way to work out the perfect talk, presentation or workshop for your event is to send me an email.

To find out more about hosting Fermenting Parties click here.

"Thanks very much Tracy for such a wonderful hands on course last Sunday. I really enjoyed the workshop and our discussions. Your course is the perfect mix of instruction and advice and encouragement; not too much such that its overwhelming and not too little, in which case the participants wouldn’t feel ‘armed’ to go forth and ferment".  Amanda