Connecting into the Higher Consciousness of the Coronavirus

This virus is alive, it is a sentient being and it is here right now for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. And it’s no coincidence that it is occurring at this current time that WE have also chosen to be here on Earth.

I feel it is absolutely vital that we connect with and understand the higher meaning and purpose of this virus and heal what it is here to teach us. We need to look beyond our limited viewpoint, to expand our consciousness and see into and beyond the surface level to see this from a much larger cosmic and spiritual level. It is only then that we begin to understand the healing and evolutionary, vibrational upgrade as a species that it has come here to gift us.

This is a HUGE AWAKENING. And 'together as one' we can emerge from this into a world where collaboration and love for one another becomes the much needed ‘new way’.

This all came to light for me early last week on the first morning of blending the immune herbs to post out to clients. I received a strong message from Spirit to first tune in to my guides and connect with a message from the Higher Consciousness of the Coronavirus. It was immediately clear that just providing herbs to help my clients immunity would be missing the opportunity to help with collective healing on a holistic level.

The information came flooding in and I received the message that the virus is here because as a species – as a collective – we need to heal our blocked heart chakras. Let me clarify at this point, this is not the individual, as millions of us are already living heart-centered lives. This is the Collective level – humanity as a whole Superorganism and the energetic and physical impact the collective is having on each other and ALL of life, including that of our planet.

It's no coincidence that the Coronavirus has arrived at a crucial moment on Earth where we’re being asked to acknowledge all living beings, all energy beings - all animals and humans as EQUALS. It has arrived as a catalyst to humanity’s great evolution of consciousness ~ through our hearts.

In January this year our planet Gaia went through her own massive planetary chakra activation at Uluru during the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction. This sent a high-vibration energy wave into the heart chakra of every being on our planet. This was heart expansive energy and it began the great global heart opening.

For the millions of Empaths who have been working on their hearts and living an authentic, heart-centered life, they are more prepared for this current heart expansive energy. However, for the majority of people who lead an existence disconnected from their divinity, disconnected from their hearts, disconnected from nature and addicted to base level, consumptive behaviourisms that disrespect both Gaia and other sentient life here, they are unprepared.

And now a virus has appeared that targets the heart chakra; physically, emotionally and spiritually. The majority of humanity who are already unprepared for the heart expansive energy are not coping with this crisis and we are seeing the results of their unpreparedness play out across the Earth with their low vibrational fear, panic, blame and utterly selfish behaviours.

And where do these emotions arise? From blocked hearts.

As individuals, if we have a blocked heart chakra (or any chakra) – we will experience physical, emotional and spiritual ‘symptoms’ as messengers to let us know we need to work on this. Blocked heart chakras can be caused by emotional pain, old programming, overthinking, grief, stress, disconnection to nature, bloodline trauma, pastlife trauma and more. This can manifest within us emotionally ~ as holding grudges, not trusting, no compassion, greed, relationship problems, difficulty with giving and receiving love, and physically ~ with asthma, poor lung health, heart problems and more.

Now let’s reflect what the Coronavirus is manifesting as it focuses on the heart chakra of the human race? On a physical level it is especially targeting our lungs and on an emotional level it is targeting our hearts. We are fundamentally social creatures that require love, hugs and physical contact to thrive and survive. This virus is separating us, isolating us, restricting the affection we can extend to each other. We also have a primal need to feel a part of a tribe and we are losing the Elders within them. Grief is stored in our lungs and our hearts.

Although the virus is turning the whole world upside down as we know it, let’s focus for a moment on the positive, beautiful changes that have begun to occur as humanity removes itself en masse from the daily grind and lightens our footprint on the Earth. Reports of the Venice canals water running clearly, huge reductions in pollution in China during their lockdown allowing the difference to be visible from space. Hearing birds again. Breathing cleaner air. This is just the beginning. With the massive decline in air travel to come, the Earth herself is taking one giant breath of relief and her resetting will be FAST and MAGNIFICENT! We would have to be blinkered to not see these changes. Be awake and see them.

And the wonderful benefit of us all stepping back, isolating and being in our own company…. is time for self-reflection. It’s our opportunity to reassess what’s important to us. It is time to connect with what makes us truly happy, what we love, who we love, what we’re good at – it’s time to tune into our hearts.

It’s second nature for most Empaths to already be living a quieter life, respectful of nature and all sentient beings, because we are heart connected.

And healing the blocked heart chakra of the collective human superorganism will change our relationship with nature forever. Our ancestors from long ago knew that it’s through our hearts we deeply connect with nature, with the plants, with all life and it’s through our hearts that we’re capable of feeling empathy and compassion for all. Our hearts understand through our interconnectedness that we play a vital guardianship role to this planet and all her inhabitants.

This awakening is absolutely necessary. Life for every person on the planet had to come to a standstill, to take stock and reassess. Because the greater threat to all of us is actually not the Coronavirus, it is the 6th Mass Extinction we are currently in and the Climate Emergency.

Working in collaboration, for ‘we’ not ‘me’ from here on in is paramount. And the Coronavirus is the catalyst for hundreds of millions, perhaps billions of people to slow down and naturally be drawn WITHIN (their hearts). It will provide us the opportunity to see how quickly Gaia can recover if we back off our current trajectory and stand in solidarity to reverse it.

The messages I received in the potential of the healing process and the hope for a new future were phenomenal; we all need to focus upon the bigger, positive picture forming right now. Together as one we’ll emerge into a world where collaboration and love for one another will become the much needed ‘new way’.

Healing the Collective Heart Chakra will assist;

  • to shed prejudice, criticism, racism and connect us as true communities /tribes.

  • It will help us lose our limited beliefs and expand our consciousness to a future on Earth that our current consciousness can’t even conjure, it is another reality all together.

  • Our open hearts will allow us to work in unity and co-create the new future earth.

  • Most importantly, opening and healing the collective heart chakra will reconnect us to nature and we’ll all take on the important guardianship role.

  • It is through our hearts that plants can communicate to us. This is how our ancestors once lived and learned the healing abilities of our plant allies. We will re-learn this skill and uphold the plant medicines with the reverence they deserve.

  • Spirituality (not connected to religion) will help us understand the power and function of our own subtle energy within and help us manage our energy and emotions to be awakened and fully present

  • The rising of the Divine Feminine will continue with manifesting equality for ALL sentient beings. The balancing of Divine Feminine with Divine Masculine will come to bear.

  • With an open heart we can cultivate the spirit of the warrior within. Whether we see ourselves as an Earth Warrior or Spirit Warrior, we will feel the need to uphold truth goodness and justice and to serve the greater cause not the individual ego.

  • Our inner warrior with an open heart will have a passionate willingness to act, but there will be no fear, no aggression, no criticism or the self-defeating, self-sabotaging and self-harming behaviours. With an open heart our inner Warrior will fight for love and from a place of joy and unity.

  • The current systems that leave us and our communities vulnerable will go through the rise of empathic, conscious leaders.

  • The last part of the message was so beautiful and it was about the Flower of Life. We will all become cognizant of our individual and collective power to create what we focus upon. Our ability to manifest that which we choose through our words, belief, thoughts and feelings.

So what do we want to manifest out of this experience? When this all settles, which it eventually will. Do we really wish to return to how we were? Or are we ready to manifest a new way?

Perhaps it is time to allow ourselves permission to completely detach from past thoughts & behaviours, and challenge ourselves to open our hearts – not knowing who we will be or how we will be on the other side of the transformation that will occur. However, this transition will be challenging, but it will encourage us all to grow in ways we never dreamed possible. We will need to support each other and work together during the years ahead. But the journey to a new way on Earth will be amazing, inspiring, and wonderful.

It’s time that we as a species shake off our low vibrational energies and finally blossom and upgrade our consciousness where unconditional love, joy, peace, unity and compassion rule.

It is time to align ourselves, our thoughts, our energy with love every morning so our thoughts will serve us well. It is time to personally contribute to healing the collective heart of humanity and spread love like virus over the whole planet.

Sending you my love and support



PS. Every immune boosting herbal blend sent out also contain Flower Essences to energetically heal the collective heart of humanity. This flower essence blend is also available, please email me if you would like to purchase them.

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