Upcoming Workshops

"Tracy, your workshop was a revelation into fermenting and gut health! I couldn’t imagine how wonderful sauerkraut and kombucha could be until I attended this workshop!!" Min

Upcoming workshops
and events

Many of the planned workshops have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

As of August 2020 I have recommenced school visits for native bee education and bee hotel making workshops.

However, I am having a short break from public speaking and running or attending larger events. These will recommence in 2021.


Please email me to register your interest for any future events, guest speaking opportunities, workshops and more.

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Send me an email to register your interest in any workshop or contact me on 0400 976 434 during business hours.

"Tracy really helped me to feel strong positive emotions for native bees with her photos and fond description of them- all of her photos of bees from her garden were a wonderful insight into how diverse they can look and the picture of the little male bees asleep in her calendula flower was just so cute!" LJ

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Bee Hotel workshop
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Bee hotel workshop
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School bee activities
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School bee activities
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