"Quite simply, my work is dedicated to the people, plants, pollinators and our precious planet"
Tracy x

My Story

During consultations you are given the time to explore your health in detail and to really delve inwards to identify any stress or emotions connected to your symptoms.

My aim is for you to feel safe, relaxed, inspired and connected to the loving energy infused into every nook and cranny of our healing garden and eco-clinic.

​From a 'holistic healing of body-mind-spirit approach' in my consultations through to inspiring & educating on the many ways we can care for our Earths ecosystems by becoming a guardian of our backyard and fostering a mutual healing relationship between ourselves and the tiny patch of Gaia we care for.


🌿  My Tree Of Life business logo represents my mission...

and that is to nurture the interconnectedness of life and positively promote ways we can all care and protect our Earth and the interdependence of life 🌿

🌿I am a passionate public speaker and run a variety of workshops on the ways we can improve our health as well as improve the health of our ecosystems including; creating Healing Gardens, plant spirit medicines, bee gardens, native bee hotels, herbal apothecary’s and more.

🌿With my clinic focus of improving gut health, I have also developed and run regular fermenting workshops to teach people how easy it is to make your own fermented foods like sauerkraut and lactofermented veggies and drinks like kombucha and beet kvass.

​🌿 My clinic is on a peaceful 5 acres within the rammed earth ecohome my husband and I owner built together in 2009. We've been slowly creating our sustainable living dream since 2005, which is something we've been manifesting since 1999.


🌿 I am completely in love with bees, especially our native bees & have dedicated a lot of time to increasing the public's awareness of them and how to care for them in our gardens through countless workshops for adults and schools since 2012.


🌿 With deep reverence and shamanic guidance by the bees I have created a range of flower essences called Bee Priestess Essences. These essences are plant spirit medicines that resonate on a higher frequency and are here to help humanity ascend into the higher states of consciousness that's required for us to not only heal our own wounds but to also potentiate the healing that our planet needs for Mother Earth and all beings living here to gracefully shift into the Fifth Dimension - which is a consciousness of love, joy, peace, freedom, compassion and spiritual wisdom.

🌿 I look forward to working with you to achieve greater levels of health, wellbeing, nature connectedness and happiness


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🌿 I've worked in the health industry since 1996 starting in pharmacy and as a Naturopath since 2002. I offer a truly holistic approach to your health ~ combining my favourite Wise Woman traditions of herbalism, flower essences and nourishing foods as medicine, with a strong focus on improving gut function, microbiome health and establishing a more balanced life in tune with nature, with regular creativity and fun.

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Tracy Lansdell

Adv.Dip.App.Sc (Naturopathy),

Member of ATMS

Green Tree Naturopathy

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North Greenbushes WA 6254

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