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Tracy Lansdell Herbal medicine healing garden

"I absolutely love working with plants and people of all ages. Helping you to achieve greater levels of vitality, happiness and a deeper connection to your heart wisdom through the healing power of plant medicines. In a nutshell, I am devoted to plants, the people and the planet"

Meet Tracy Lansdell

Qualified Naturopath, creator of Flower Essences and Medicine Woman of her Healing Garden.


Working in the health industry since 1996 starting in pharmacy, as a qualified Naturopath with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science since 2002 and with 20 years clinical experience, my holistic healing approach in your consultation continues to grow and transmute each year as I journey along the plant path, the green way.

I have learnt (and continue to learn) a rich mandala of teachings and experiences over the last 20 years that have created a unique, multilayered approach during consultations that help me to understand you on a biopsychosocial interconnected level. Over the years this has included, but is not limited to:

  • the direct experience and learning with every client and continued professional education,

  • gardening, growing & creating my own homegrown, bioregional, organic and sustainable herbal medicines, high vibrational flower essences and many more homegrown apothecary goods

  • coordinating volunteers and helping to design and create from scratch my local Greenbushes Community Garden over a 10 year period,

  • organising/running dozens of workshops on lacto-fermenting foods, kombucha, gut health, herbal medicine, healing gardens, native bees, bee hotels and caring for all backyard biodiversity,

  • guest speaking at garden events, festivals, farm field days, community events

  • permaculture design training and creating from scratch a garden, orchard, veggie patch, medicinal garden, habitat garden on 5 acres and owner build a rammed earth ecohome with my husband and kids,

  • volunteering in many organisations including youth mental health, community development and resilience

I am deeply committed to my own personal healing journey, spiritual growth and living an authentic, heart-centered life that is filled with my passions. Green Tree Naturopathy is a culmination of many of these passions that have evolved over many years into healing offerings.

These offerings are also in service to my greater mission ~ which is to play my part in restoring harmony, balance and healing to not only just humanity, but to our earth and all her sentient beings. The work is to assist your highest good and the greater good of all.

What inspires me and my work/life approach is that ​I believe we can become an empowered, unified, conscious global community with every individual playing an active, intelligent and purposeful role in bringing healing and restoration to self, the Earth and to all.

If we all create Healing Gardens and foster a reciprocal healing relationship between ourselves and the tiny patch of Gaia we care for, we can heal ourselves, our ecosystems and collectively the planet at the same time.

This new paradigm acknowledges the inextricable interconnectedness of our health and wellbeing to our planet's, as well as embracing the magic, intuitive nature, healing power and veneration for the Earth that is innate to us all ,could create a happier, healthier and more vibrant world for all to live and thrive.

Whilst creating my own high vibrational Healing Garden, I discovered and have fostered a deep, spiritual connection to the endemic native bees. The bees are my spiritual teachers and have been teaching about the interconnectedness of all life and how I can work with the power and intelligence of nature to create plant spirit medicines that resonate on a higher frequency. Plus how to work with nature to restore, truth, order and harmony to the world to bring about the transformation of the Earth and its people. It is through this shamanic connection that I have developed a range of flower essences for made for these times we are currently experiencing. The Bee Priestess Essences."

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“I have been under Tracy's loving, nurturing care for over 3 years,
always receiving discreet and thorough consultations with amazing results.
Tracy offers so much knowledge; herbal remedies & dietary advice, as well as 

being a superb gardener with a passion for native bees, growing her own food and medicinal herbs and so much more, all of which are an inspiration!
Green Tree Naturopathy is in a beautiful peaceful setting and I highly

recommend a visit for healing of the body, mind and soul”. Barb
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