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My name is Tracy Lansdell and I am a qualified Naturopath, creator of Flower Essences and Medicine Woman of my Healing Garden.


I absolutely love working with plants and women of all ages. Helping you to achieve greater levels of vitality, happiness and a deeper connection to your heart wisdom through the healing power of plant medicines.


My business Green Tree Naturopathy is a unique blend of offerings in service to my greater passion ~ which is to serve and restore harmony, balance and healing to humanity, the Earth and all sentient beings.

Working in the health industry since 1996 starting in pharmacy and as a qualified Naturopath since 2002, my holistic healing approach in consultations continues to grow and transmute each year as I journey along the plant path, green way.

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I've learnt (and continue to learn) a rich mandala of teachings over the last 20 years through the direct experience with clients and ongoing professional education, through gardening and growing & creating my own plant medicines, co-ordinating my local community garden, but most importantly for me, as a Mum raising two gloriously vibrant children.


I'm also deeply committed to my own personal healing, spiritual growth and living an authentic, heart-centred life that is filled with my passions. It is with these experiences and teachings that I offer a unique approach in your consultation. I intuitively tune in to see what could be the best approach to achieve your highest level of holistic health and healing with an expanded consciousness and connecting to your heart wisdom.


We then work together in partnership to turn your health wishes into grounded actions. I combine my favourite Wise Woman traditions of herbalism, flower essences and nourishing foods, with a strong focus on improving gut function, microbiome diversity and the gut-brain-heart axis health. My aim is to nourish you on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - and help you walk your most vital, healthy path.

My clinic is on a peaceful 5 acres within the rammed earth ecohome my husband Mark and I owner built together in 2009. We've been slowly creating our sustainable living, Healing Garden dream here since 2005, which is something we've been manifesting together since 1999.

What inspires me and my work/life approach is that ​I believe we can become a global community of empowered, unified women playing an active, intelligent and purposeful role in bringing healing and restoration to the Earth and its people. By simply creating Healing Gardens in our backyards and fostering a mutual healing relationship between ourselves and the tiny patch of Gaia we care for, we can heal the feminine wounds within us and the world.

To connect with and nurture this new conscious community, I run a variety of activating workshops and public speaking on the ways we can improve our health as well as improve the health of our ecosystems including; creating Healing Gardens, plant spirit medicines, native bees & gardens, native bee hotels, herbal apothecary’s and more.

My aim is to encourage you to grow your own medicine, to embrace your garden and its healing capabilities and become the Medicine Woman of your patch. This new paradigm acknowledges the magic, mystery, intuitive nature, healing power and veneration for the Earth  that is innate to the medicine woman or man within us all. We can reclaim our stewardship of the earth through our gardens. We can recover our love and joy in being of earth. The earth is not just our environment, not just our primary source of resources, it is the living heart of humanity. The words "earth" and "heart" are anagrams of each other.

And lastly, I have to mention my absolute adoration for bees, especially our native bees. I have dedicated a lot of time to increasing the public's awareness of them and how to care for them in our gardens through countless workshops for adults, children and schools since 2012.  

The bees are my spiritual teachers and have been communicating to me for a number of years. They've been teaching me about the interconnectedness of all life, how I can work with the power and intelligence of nature to create plant spirit medicines that resonate on a higher frequency and to work with nature to restore, truth, order and harmony to the world and bring about the transformation of the Earth and its people.

As you can see, my offerings and services are unique. They are a culmination of who I AM, a divinely awakened Woman walking my Soul’s path and nurturing my passions through my work approach to assist your highest good and the greater good of all. If this appeals to you, then I so look forward to working with you to achieve greater levels of health, wellbeing, nature connectedness and happiness.

Green Tree Blessings,   Trac x

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Tracy Lansdell

Adv.Dip.App.Sc (Naturopathy),

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