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green tree naturopathy testimonials

Raving Fans

"Thank you so much for coming in and doing the workshop with my students yesterday - they were "buzzing'" (pardon the pun!).  I was so pleased to see how much they were able to contribute as well as all the new concepts you shared with them.  It was a perfect balance of theory and practical learning"  Catherine Christie  St Mary MacKillop College (native bee session 2019)

"Tracy really helped me to feel strong positive emotions for native bees with her photos and fond description of them- all of her photos of bees from her garden were a wonderful insight into how diverse they can look and the picture of the little male bees asleep in her calendula flower was just so cute!" LJ

“I have been under Tracy's loving, nurturing care for over 3 years, always receiving discreet and thorough consultations with amazing results. Tracy offers so much knowledge; herbal remedies & dietary advice, as well as being a superb gardener with a passion for native bees, growing her own food and medicinal herbs and so much more, all of which are an inspiration! Green Tree Naturopathy is in a beautiful peaceful setting and I highly recommend a visit for healing of the body, mind and soul”. Barb

"I can highly recommend Tracy from Green Tree Naturopathy. She is honest & ethical, her liquid herbs work a treat and she doesn't load you up with expensive supplements. Tracy spends as much time as you need going through your past & present health issues and future desires to come up with an over all holistic plan to better your health and life on every level. Thank you Tracy for putting me back on track and for the amazing experiences that occurred on that day and have done since. Best decision I made for a long time in making the appointment with you-it was a life changer" Linda Russell Miracles for Mind, Body & Sole

"Tracy, your workshop was a revelation into fermenting and gut health! I couldn’t imagine how wonderful sauerkraut and kombucha could be until I attended this workshop!!" Min

"If you are contemplating a consult, I highly recommend Tracy, she is very professional, thorough, and caring. She has greatly improved my health and I am extremely grateful to her, I can't thank her enough" Jayne

"The consultation process was friendly, caring and thorough. This was the beginning of my journey towards a better life. Under Tracy's care, my symptoms were relieved and I learnt how to build and maintain a strong immune system. With her I've learnt to understand my body and how it works and therefore practice preventative healthcare. Her perfect blend of compassion, intuition and knowledge ensures the experience is positive and supportive. I will be forever grateful to her."


"At 36 ½ years of age, 3 kids, a typical work/life existence and finally back to teaching a classroom after 10 years of ‘bitsy’ work, I realised I was not coping ……. to say the least! Just the general challenges of a demanding job, where you do quite literally come last, a normal home full of kids, home jobs and family etc. It seemed to not matter how much help I got from my husband, I just simply couldn’t handle the pressures of anything anymore! So feeling sad and angry and quite out of control, mentally and physically, I decided to call Tracy from Green Tree Naturopathy for help because, man I needed it!  I presented to Tracy one afternoon, nervous to tell her things about my body and where my mind was at. I knew telling her meant I had to admit things out loud….and that is hard when you feel you no longer have control. Tracy met me with a genuine warmth I have rarely felt from other medical and health professionals. I instantly thought “I can tell her anything and she won’t judge me or make me feel abnormal.” I was right……she was so easy to be with. I spent the next 2 hours rambling like mad, while she gave me herbal tea and an opportunity to talk about how I felt in my head, my body, my coping strategies…which I had none of left. The whole time I talked (and I really talked ……. uncontrollable over drive), she just patiently listened and respected my feelings, fears and anxiety in expressing all of what was coming out. I went in with very standard troubles like work pressures and not being able to handle them. Feeling a massive over anxious sense of never managing to get on top of things. I was sleeping 5 hours every night, eating much less than normal and working from 7am to about 5 or 6pm at night and then coming home to be a mum. I also had some odd body changes like masses of hair falling out at once, my body was over heating and I was sweating on cool days. I was also experiencing never ending thrush that was driving me crazy. No wonder I was feeling so out of control and awful. Tracy put me on some liquid herbs, told me I was normal (ha ha….I needed to hear that!!) and expressed that I was, amongst other things, experiencing poor gut health and beginnings of adrenal exhaustion. I was so relieved that she understood me and my health concerns. I really needed someone to listen to me at this time! My health has been great ever since. My stress has lessened and I feel like I can cope with all the normal stull life throws at me. It’s so simple to lose control when busy and in demand. It’s so easy to say “I’m ok,” when you’re not. It’s also easy, I eventually found, to tell someone who is willing to help you and make you see all these things are experienced by everyone at some point. I have a lot to thank Tracy for and I remain tremendously grateful to her for her skills, knowledge, her listening ears and kind heart!" ER

“Tracy helped me control my menopausal hot flushes through a change of diet, herbal remedy and stress management. The consultation was informative and empowered me to take control of my imbalance”.


“Very professional, fixed quite a few problems and ever since I went to Tracy I feel a lot more conscious about my diet and lifestyle choices and the impact they can have on my current and future wellbeing”.  Norma

“Tracy is so caring and compassionate. She was just amazing to deal with when my 17 year old daughter went through depression.  We decided to seek advice from a naturopath instead of putting her on antidepressants. She went to Tracy and got advice from her and a more natural way to help her cope with her depression. Tracy dealt with her with kindness, gentleness, caring and supported her during her journey. The change in her was incredible and over time she was able to go off the herbs Tracy had put her on. We would highly recommend her”.  Belinda

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