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"Traditional Western Herbalism - working with plants as our medicine - is a healing modality that is inherently in tune with nature, which is why it is my favourite and is woven into the majority of my clients' treatments.

Our herbal allies achieve a synergistic effect throughout our body, mind and spirit. And because plants possess chemistry, intelligence, and consciousness, they have the ability to heal us on each of these levels. Herbal medicine not only provides relief for symptoms, but corrects the imbalance and its very root.

I have over 80 different liquid herbal preparations in my apothecary. Everyone who visits my clinic has unique health requirements and this extensive array of herbs allows me to formulate a personalised blend to suit your individual needs.

I also grow an array of herbs in my Healing Garden and create organic, seasonal and vibrant herbal tinctures, many of which are used in my client's formulas. My aim is to become self sufficient in growing and producing at least 50% of the herbs I work with in my apothecary. And I wish to inspire all clients to create their own medicinal herbal garden in which they can learn about plant allies through a direct relationship and listening the plants.

Herbalists are first and foremost land stewards who, through wisdom and guidance, bring the knowledge of plants to others so they may know health and partake in acknowledging their purpose and connection with the Earth"

"In some Native languages the term for plants translates to

“those who take care of us”.’ ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

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