Healing Gardens

"Humans are formed from and connected to the same natural energetic forces that make up all life here on the earth plane. It is folly to think that we can go against this and only serves to demonstrate the profound misunderstanding of who we are at our truest selves.

We are born from, belong and can only thrive in the natural world" Jude Blereau

Interconnectedness.....  our health and wellbeing is intricately interwoven to the health of our planet.  Humans are an integral part of the Earth’s ecosystems and if we wish to be truly healthy, we need to care for these ecosystems as an extension of ourselves.

We can all do this by creating a Healing Garden in our backyards or properties. First and foremost,  all gardens - the tiny patch of Mother Earth that we are guardian of - need healing. This means caring for our backyard and seeing ourselves as more guardians than gardeners. As a land guardians we set the intention to return the land to a thriving ecosystem that nurtures all endemic life from the soil microbes to the tallest trees and every living creature in between.

My Healing Garden approach has been greatly inspired by Mary Reynolds; nature activist, reformed landscaper and author of 'A Garden Awakening'. Mary helped me to realise that the holistic healing paradigm I apply  to my Naturopathic clients can also be applied to the land. Holistically healing the human-made wounds of our land ensures our land can then grow the most dynamic, powerful plant medicines to heal us.

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Healing Gardens have the power to restore broken connections between people, people and plants, and people and the Earth

Healing Gardens provide a sacred space that allows us to connect with the healing power of Nature. A dedicated space that allows us to explore how to nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual needs through this connection. Organically grown fresh fruit & veggies as well as herbal medicine are an important part of a successful Healing Garden.

When we garden with an intention to heal the land we ultimately begin to heal ourselves. This is interconnectedness. Guardianship can be a spiritual practice where we nurture our relationship with nature, which can flow on to heal us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level and thereby create a more holistic, balanced and fulfilling life that gives back to our planet at the same time.


I offer onsite Healing Garden consultations in your garden, where I come to you and together we discuss your holistic health needs as well as how you can begin a land guardianship role in your patch.  I'm also available for guest speaking and workshops on how to create gardens that can create personal and planetary healing.


I personally create Healing Gardens with the intention to help holistically heal Humanity and our Earth... one garden at a time.