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bee priestess essences

Bee Priestess Essences

"Revel in the magic of this flower spirit medicine and hold the bees within your heart and you cannot help but leave footprints of love upon the Earth"

Flower Essences gently and beautifully work on our physical, emotional & energetic levels to help reconnect to our Original Divine Soul-Print - the path and energetic template that our soul planned for us when we entered this lifetime. It was a part of our Soul's purpose to be on Mother Earth at this very moment in herstory, when she is rising into higher dimensional frequencies and needs our assistance.


If you've been guided to these essences, then it is also a part of your Soul's higher purpose to awaken your inner Bee Priestess archetype where you'll live your true radiance, light and feminine nature and understand that our personal healing and planetary healing are connected and are One.

As we journey through our lives, experiencing some painful life lessons, it is easy to veer off the soul’s path and forget who we are and why we are here. All flower essences help to release these distortions, the fear, hurt & trauma and act as catalysts for great change. They raise our vibrational level above the low frequency emotions, extend our consciousness beyond its present state and provide a language that helps us to understand our emotions and soul urgings. They are like a reboot to the purest potential of Who We Are as a divine beings having a human experience.

The Bee Priestess Essences are higher vibrational flower essences that have been gifted to us at this pivotal point in time when the consciousness of the world is rising. We are understanding that our out-of-balance world needs dramatic change with collective intelligence and an evolution of human consciousness through the reclamation of ancient, feminine wisdom.

The Bee Priestess Essences have been channelled from the Bee Goddess as a 6 month intuitive plant medicine journey. Each essence is taken individually for one month before starting the next. Each essence compliments the next by clearing, releasing and shining light on the necessary areas. Once you've completed the 6 months journey you can revisit any of the essences individually if deeper healing is required. 

Every step from creation through to bottling these divine essences has been an honour and a privilege, with deep reverence of the flower spirits and shamanic guidance of the bees. I humbly offer the very essences that have offered me wisdom, friendship and allyship in the plant world and the very essences that have lifted me to walk my Soul's path and divine purpose. From my garden & bees to you, with love.

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