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The Bee Priestess Path

"The Bee Priestess Essences are high vibrational flower essences that have been gifted to us at this pivotal point in time when the consciousness of the world is rising. We are understanding that our out-of-balance world needs dramatic change through collective intelligence and a reclaiming of ancient wisdom.The essences are here to awaken our inner Bee Priestess Archetype to help us undergo a smooth divine shift from the old-world paradigm into the new. Where we as empowered and awakened women can collectively rise, & together can activate the evolution of human consciousness and the human soul to pollinate holistic healing of ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Finally, the world stands ready for the return of the Ancient Bee Priestesses! "

The Bee Goddess ~ Great Mother Queen Bee Goddess ~ dates back in many ancient human cultures over 10 thousand years ago and was revered for millennia. One of the most prominent times that her deity was worshipped was during a golden age in Egyptian history around 3000BC.

This was a time when the veneration of the sacred honey bee was embraced by all facets of life and the Divine Feminine and Masculine were a great deal more equal and aligned than they are today. 

A time when women were honoured for their roles as healers, teachers, guides, mothers. And their qualities of nurturing, caring, sensuality, grace, fertility and intuition were seen as strong, desirable, wanted and even revered.


The Bee Priestesses were women radiating pure feminine power. They served the Goddess and the communities through roles such as shamans, oracles and healers. There are some who claim there is an unbroken, hidden lineage and shamanic line of Bee Priestesses from these archaic cultures of ancient times.

The Divine Bee Goddess has now returned to reawaken her Bee Priestesses. She is calling to us through the wings of Her bees. She is calling for us to unite as Priestesses in one Divine Hive of higher consciousness to help heal the individual and collective sacred Feminine wounds and progress humanity's evolution.

​The sacred bees buzzing resonance is a sound that is deeply embedded within our hearts and is a thread connecting our hearts to the wisdom of our Matriarchal Ancestors. Through this heart thread connection, we can (re)learn to live a heart-centred life, honour our intuition, commune with nature, relearn traditional practices and skills such as meditation, growing food, rituals and herbalism and live in harmony with lunar and astrological cycles.


By integrating the Bee Goddess's higher consciousness through her bees and chosen healing flower essences, we will remember our true radiance, light and feminine nature. We will understand our role as divine women with a sacred purpose on Mother Earth at this current moment in herstory. 


As united, awakened and empowered Bee Priestesses we will raise the collective consciousness to honour and support one another in a Divine Hive of Sisterhood that reignites a new golden era of empowered Divine Feminine in balance with Divine Masculine.

Are you ready to awaken your inner Ancient Bee Priestess?

The PRIESTESS lives within each of us.  She always has, but for many she has remained asleep and hidden. After 2,000 years of the shadow side of patriarchy and dominant religious dogma repressing women and tipping the health of Mother Earth to the brink, the Bee Goddess is letting us know that it is time to return. It is safe.

To return at a time when so many women have endured enough of the disconnection they have felt for generations from their bodies, their inner wisdom, their hearts, their spiritual selves and each other. To return at a time when heart led leadership is needed more than ever to help heal the wounds of being silenced and shut down individually, and for the world collectively, for so long now.

Bee Priestess Path

bee goddess
divine bee goddess

Turkish Bee Goddess wearing a

beehive tiara 8000BC

bee goddess naturopath priestess essences

Ancient Indian Bee Goddess "Bhramari Devi"

Gold plaque embossed with winged

Bee Goddess found on Rhodes island

(Greece) dated to 7th century BCE

Bee Priestess Essences, ruth evans artist

21st Century Bee Priestess

artwork by Ruth Evans

Dearest Bee Priestesses, the healing offered by the flower essences is gentle, but powerful, as you walk hand in hand with sacred flower spirit medicine that’s attuned to the Bee Goddess’s divine feminine frequency.


They are a gift from Her to guide and embrace us on our own healing journey, at whatever stage of healing we are in. They bring forth Soul work and will be a beautiful, mysterious, unique path and personal awakening. They will help to clear, transform and transmute old energies that are holding us back in the old-world paradigm.

Through the active participation of our healing we are destined to make a difference to the world as united and divinely awakened women whose healing flows out like sacred honey to sweeten and bless our families, our communities and ultimately our planet.

​​When we receive the Bee Goddess flower spirit healing, we will also deepen our relationship with Gaia by honouring, protecting and celebrating Mother Earth as the physical embodiment of the Divine Feminine and our ultimate provider. We will participate in the cyclical flow giving back to Her and as we do, wholeness on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual within the self and the world will be restored.

It is a part of our Soul's purpose to be on the Earth at this very moment in herstory. At this point in time when the planet herself is rising into higher dimensional frequencies. We are here to cultivate through the power of the restored Divine Feminine & Masculine balance, the evolution of human consciousness to help humanity spiritually ascend into the Fifth Dimensional new-world paradigm that is currently underway.

personal healing becomes planetary transformation


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