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Book your naturopathic session with me. I see clients in-clinic or via Skype - so it doesn't matter where you are - you just need a quiet space, a cuppa in hand and good internet connection!


Let me give you an impression of what you may experience during an initial consult. Firstly, I greet you in my garden from my rammed earth home based clinic, often with a loving doggy by my side, who adores everybody.

After we've settled into my comfy clinic space, I'll pour you a delicious herbal infusion straight from my Healing Garden and ask you to share with me in detail what has guided you to come.



November is going to be a busy month for

This is the beginning of a long chat, where I ask lots of questions and give you the time and a safe, empathetic space to really tune in to your current health, stresses, lifestyle choices, as well as your past health and emotional experiences that may be impacting on your current situation.

Initial consults are often up to 2 hours. This is how long you and I need, and how long you deserve to really explore and (re)connect to your heart and to what you wish to change in your life to enable you to feel the wellbeing or happiness you are truly seeking.


Have I mentioned I ask lots of questions? this allows me to deeply investigate and to also intuitively understand the underlying causes of the physical symptoms you're experiencing. Is it from a gut health origin? Stress? Hormonal imbalances? Energetic blockages? Lifestyle/work imbalances? Trauma? Emotions? Or a little bit of all of the above?

In your consultation I will invite you to share my deep love for plant medicines to assist you with the reclamation of your personal and individual version of wellness. As we piece together your unique health journey and understand what has caused you to experience your current symptoms, we can then address this with a truly holistic and comprehensive approach to your health and healing. One that nourishes you on every level, body- mind- soul- spirit - it is all connected.


As you (re)connect to your body, mind and emotions, we explore suitable flower essences that may help to unblock and release any negative or sabotaging thoughts, behaviours or energies that may be blocking you from achieving what you wish to achieve.

Towards the end of the consult we’ll bring everything together and work out a clear path forward in partnership to turn your health wishes into grounded actions ~ where I support you with plant medicines, encouragement, knowledge and recommendations, and you commit to taking the plant medicines and begin making the necessary changes to elements of your diet and lifestyle that will enhance your healing abilities.


We then formulate your very own personalised herbal formula and flower essence blend to begin your healing journey and make a date in 3 weeks to see how you've been going.

Before your first repeat consult, I collate all the information I gathered at the initial consult, do a little further research if required and type a comprehensive health appraisal report which outlines; what your imbalances were and how we are working together to bring your body, mind and emotions back into a state of health and harmony. This is great to refer back to along the healing path, to reflect on how you felt when you started and how you feel along the way. It includes tips to empower you to make positive changes for your health with nutritional advice, lifestyle tips & a personalised nutritional and herbal prescription.


So, if you're looking for a Naturopath who can help improve your overall health & vitality with modalities and recommendations that are combined with thoughtfulness, intuition and compassion.... Then you've been guided to read this for good reason.

I have been walking the plant path and as a naturopath for almost 20 years, extolling the benefits of nature connection, gardening & growing herbal allies. And I really look forward to meeting you.


Thank you for choosing
Green Tree Naturopathy
I look forward to working with you to improve your health and happiness
Trac  xo
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Naturopathic Consultations are available in my clinic or via phone or skype.

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“Tracy helped me control my menopausal hot flushes through a change of diet, herbal remedy and stress management. The consultation was informative and empowered me to take control of my imbalance”. Iris