Food as Medicine

"Let food by thy medicine and

medicine by thy food"

That was the still pertinent message from Hippocrates the founding father of Western medicine. But we have moved away from a health system that strives “to do no harm”, to one that celebrates having "a pill for every ill." How did we so quickly forget that we are what we eat?


Being healthy means putting the right fuel into your body and having your internal engine run smoothly. Every meal that you consume influences the way that you feel one way or another so the more nutritious foods you choose, the healthier you will be. Whole foods act as medicine to heal and protect your body and give the immune system a break from dealing with toxins, preservatives, additives and chemicals that are included in so many of today's processed foods.

Food has the power to prevent much of the chronic illness we experience today. During your initial consultation and subsequent visits, I will make dietary recommendations that take advantage to not only heal and restore the body but also to prevent illness. Therefore, recommend foods as your medicine.

"The beauty of food as medicine is that the choice to heal and promote health can begin as soon as the next meal."
“My experience with Tracy was positive and life changing. The thing i still live by today is that my     food is my medicine and this has helped me to  maintain good health post treatment”. Danielle
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