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30ml Flower Spirit Medicine


Divine Wisdom (Month 1 on your 6 month Bee Priesstess Healing Journey)

This essence begins the ascension process by opening and activating our Soul & Earth star chakras. An activated Soul star chakra opens us to the greater knowledge & wisdom of our higher self, spirit guides, cosmic consciousness and the divine unconditional love of the Bee Goddess. An activated Earth star chakra connects us to Mother Earth, grounding our energy deeply into her core to forge a loving, protective and reciprocal relationship.  This then opens us to mother nature's subtle realms and to the guidance of the bee & plant spirit guides. By attuning our resonance to the transformational changes ahead on our life path, we get in touch with our inner potential and power and begin to see from a new, higher and greater perspective the healing that is required for the outcome that is desired. Allowing the appropriate perceptual and vibrational upgrades, this combination is the perfect beginning to the flower spirit medicine journey that is the Bee Priestess Path.



Succuss the bottle and place 7 drops under the tongue morning and night. Keep on your bedside table, away from any phone and electromagnetic fields and take the doses as you wake and just before going to sleep each night.



Our purified rainwater, brandy, flower essences of Yellow Leucospermum cordifolium, Ceanothus, Hakea laurina

Bee Priestess Essences 'Divine Wisdom' 30ml

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