30ml Flower Spirit Medicine


Divine Warrior (Month 6 on your 6 month Bee Priestess Healing Journey)

Divine Warrior healing is allowing our hearts to rule by igniting our heart flame. Not to be mistaken for the way warriors are often portrayed, our inner Warrior isn’t interested in dominating or fighting for peace, but instead supporting and protecting us, defending our rights peacefully but assertively and cutting through the low vibrational lies to discern with clarity. Divine Warrior healing helps us to find our voices, our values, to speak our truth with courage and inner strength ~ and become empowered to live with authenticity and love. This healing helps us to courageously step forward into our communities radiating our light and grace (even if surrounded by the ungraceful) and with our beautiful uniqueness manifest the new Bee Priestess way upon the Earth with ancient bee wisdom.



Succuss the bottle and take 7 drops under the tongue morning and night. Keep on your bedside table, away from any phone and electromagnetic fields and take the doses as you wake and just before going to sleep each night.



Our purified rainwater, brandy, Chorizema cordatum, Cosmos bipinnatus, Orange Leucospermum cordifolium


Bee Priestess Essences 'Divine Warrior' 30ml

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