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30ml Flower Spirit Medicine


Divine Shadow Healing (Month 2 on your 6 month Bee Priestess Healing Journey)

We all have a shadow side led by our ego which needs embracing and accepting. Divine Shadow healing helps us to accept that we are not perfect and we are all on a journey of healing and wholeness throughout our lives. No part of us can be left unattended or behind and the balancing of our shadow and light is what creates a beautiful whole. We all have darker aspects to us where we can often feel lower vibrational emotions such as jealousy, anger, holding grudges, fear, greed, anxiety and depression, as we all have suffered grief and trauma to varying degrees. We can carry these darker energies and deep-seated fears from our current life experiences as well as from previous generations or incarnations. They are the aspects of ourselves that need love the most. Accepting and healing our shadows transforms them from being destructive to ones that can greatly assist us in our self-awareness, insights and growth. Allowing the light to radiate on our shadows lightens the path back to love, giving us the opportunity to truly shine with joy, emotional balance and abundance.



Succuss the bottle and take 7 drops under the tongue morning and night. Keep on your bedside table, away from any phone and electromagnetic fields and take the doses as you wake and just before going to sleep each night.



Our purified rainwater, brandy, Borago officinalis, Salvia leucantha, Orange Leucospermum cordifolium

Bee Priestess Essences 'Divine Shadow Healing' 30ml

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