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The complete Bee Priestess Pack of 7 x 30ml Flower Essences


The Bee Priestess Essences are high vibrational flower essences that have been gifted to us at this pivotal point in time when the consciousness of the world is rising. We are understanding that our out-of-balance world needs dramatic change through collective intelligence and a reclaiming of ancient wisdom.


The essences are here to awaken our inner Bee Priestess Archetype to help us undergo a smooth divine shift from the old-world paradigm into the new. Where we as empowered and awakened women can collectively rise, and together can activate the evolution of human consciousness and the human soul to pollinate holistic healing of ourselves, our communities and our planet.


Finally, the world stands ready for the return of the Ancient Bee Priestesses! Please click here to read the full description


Flower Spirit Medicine lovingly grown & picked from my Healing Garden. Each individual flower chosen was first visited by a bee whose buzzing pollination blessed the high vibrational healing energy of the flowers. Being the loving Guardian of this patch of Gaia, every step from creation through to bottling has been an honour and a privelage, with deep reverence and shamanic guidance. I humbly offer the very essences that have offered me wisdom, friendship and allyship in the plant world and the very essences that have lifted me to walk my Soul's path and divine purpose. From my garden & bees to you, with love


Flower Essences gently and beautifully work on our physical, emotional and Soul-print level to release hurt & trauma and to act as catalysts for great change for our greatest good. The Bee Priestess Essences have been created by the Bee Goddess as a 6 month intuitive plant medicine journey. Each essence is taken individually for 1 month before starting the next.


Each essence compliments the next by clearing, releasing and shining light on the necessary areas. Once you've completed the 6 months journey you can revisit any of the essences individually if deeper healing is required.


The following sequence of essences was channeled and recommended for those who would like the guidance, however the order they can be taken is completely up to your intuition on your unique healing path. For a detailed description of the healing they offer, please head to the Bee Priestess page.


Month 1 Divine Wisdom

Month 2 Divine Shadow Healing

Month 3 Divine Masculine Healing

Month 4 Divine Feminine Healing

Month 5 Divine Hive

Month 6 Divine Warrior

Companion Essence ~ Divine Love and Protection


Bee Priestess Essences Complete Set of 7

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