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Blue Mallee Hydrosol smells just like fresh rain in a Eucalyptus Forest.


Containing the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial healing qualities of eucalyptus oil, this botanical beauty can be used as a soothing, cleansing, clarifying face skin toner.


The Hydrosol is created from the steam distillation of the plant material in my copper alembic still. Hydrosols contains small amounts of the essential oil as well as the cellular water from the plant, the elemental essence of the plant and also the life force of the plant. And it smells DIVINE. The benefits of using this Hydrosol are physical and energetic.


The forest smell is instantly uplifting and reviving.

As an Aura Spritz, the blue mallee helps to dispel melancholy, revive your spirits and restore vitality.


Ingredients: Blue Mallee - Eucalyptus polybractea leaves organically grown in my Healing Garden


Directions: use daily as a skin toner after cleansing. Apply 5 sprays to a cotton pad and wipe over the whole face and neck area - avoiding close contact with eyes. 

As an aura spritz - close your eyes and spray around your physical body, inhaling deeply.


It is always recommended to do a skin patch test on your inner wrist before applying to the face. Avoid spraying directly into the eyes.


Small batch, limited stock

100% pure

100ml spray bottle


Blue Mallee Hydrosol

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