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All herbs grown organically in my Healing Garden, picked fresh and distilled immediately to capture them at their most juiciest and herbalicious!  Created as a skin toner to clarify all skin types, this Hydrosol is a combination of rosemary leaves, oregano leaves, gotu kola leaves, elder flowers, raspberry leaves, self heal leaves & flowers and lemon balm leaves.


Anti-inflammatory, regenerative, soothing, refining for all skin types. This magical blend soothes irritated, raised or red skin, refines the pores, reduces pimple outbreaks, reduces blackheads, has a gentle antibacterial action, speeds up the healing process and is simply DIVINE love for your face!


Small batch, limited stock

100% pure

100ml spray bottle


Herbalicious Hydrosol

  • Green Tree Naturopathy claims no responsibility for health advice dispensed within her blog. If needing to address a personal health issue, you are urged to seek health advice from your local health care practitioner.

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