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Transcendental Transmutation with Native Hibiscus ~ The Flower of the Violet Flame


This stunning Violet coloured flower essence was made on the Summer Solstice 2020, it was a crucible to the astrological events of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius, bringing through potent Age of Aquarius and transformational energies to upgrade us.


Just as a ray of sunlight passing through a prism refracts into seven colours, spiritual light splits into seven colours, or rays - each of which has specific divine qualities. The violet flame comes forth from the violet ray, which has the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, freedom and transmutation.


The colour violet has long been associated with spirituality. Having the highest frequency in the visible spectrum, violet is at the point of transition to the next octave of light. To the ancients, this transcendental colour was spiritual rather than a physical phenomenon.


The Divine Master St Germain brought the teaching of the violet flame and he is also the hierarch of the Aquarian Age – he represents the flame of freedom. The Flower of the Violet Flame ~ charges our aura and the world with violet flame and providing energetic upgrades for the age of enlightenment, the Aquarian Age. It is a Spiritual fire of self-transformation.


SELF-TRANSFORMATION was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists and some of them achieved this by using the violet flame. They sought Spiritual alchemy – a spiritual energy of transmutation and transformation ~ being an energy of transmutation it doesn’t burn away a situation, it transforms it. Seeking a way to change what is heavy, burdening and transforming it into something lighter, flowing, fresher, golden and liberating. Changing the lead-like low vibrational human energy into the gold of divine energy = Spiritual alchemy.


The Flower of the Violet flame has the ability to ~

  • enter our negative/blocked energies and uplift and transmute to positive and thereby accelerate our spiritual development via raising our vibration
  • transmute negative thoughts, feelings and energies and burn away old karmic bonds
  • creating space for new spiritual energies and increase health
  • re-establishes harmony and equilibrium, propelling us into a more spiritual state of being
  • The violet flame releases a momentum that causes the electrons to spin and bounces through the 4 lower bodies, sweeping away the debris of doubt, fear, the depressions of the years and discarnate that lurk in the darkened corners of the mind. Scars of old hurts and painful memories may be transmuted when the healing balm of Flower of the Violet Flame is applied


Native Hibiscus Essence of Violet Flame

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