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This essence was made on a perfect June winters day with powerful cosmic, feminine and transformative energies.

Venus in retrograde was changing from an evening star to a morning star and this particular day in the second half of her retrograde was where she first become visible, rising before the sun, as a morning star.

This flower essence has absorbed these astrological influences, as Venus affects us deeply, and when she changes direction, our life changes too.

Silver Princess flower essence is already wonderful for helping us with decision-making with our life direction and combined with the infused powerful Venus retrograde energies, this essence really helps us to transform from one state of being to another.

Look around us right now, the world is in a state of upheaval and it requires us all to change. This essence will help you shed your old skin, let go of whatever is no longer serving you (and the world) to forge a new path, with new beginnings, with more love in your heart.

Just as Venus changes her clothes and metamorphoses from an evening beauty to be reborn as a morning warrior, so too can we create a happier future together that brings compassion and equality for all.

Silver Princess Venus Flower Essence

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