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Every flower was first buzz pollinated by a Blue Banded Bee before delicately snipping into the bowl


Made on the 2022 Summer Solstice, as Jupiter left Pisces and entered Aries. The Solstice White Borage flower essence is for Heart Manifestations, the Power of Now and seeing your intentions blossom into being.

Borage is ruled by Jupiter who bestowed its blessings with the Solstice astrological energies infusing this essence. At the time of the Solstice, Jupiter entered Aries and emanated fire energy to help shed and recharge the former self to emerge into the new light, making this a powerful essence for these times.

The healing offering of the original Blue Borage flower essence I made in 2019, the last time Jupiter was in a fire sign, helps to raise the vibration of a heavy heart that is experiencing hurt, sadness, grief and may be stuck in the past. It has certainly helped many of my clients throughout the last few years where the world we knew seemed to fall apart. By transmuting these lower vibrations, the essence helps to shift blockages and barriers surrounding our hearts, to allow universal love in and create a sense of calm, strength and courage.

The Solstice White Borage essence is like a ‘rebirth of fire’ from this past, allowing us to not only hear and know what our hearts desire and wish to bring forth, but to also step up and own this new identity or direction and run with it. When we accept self-love and project who we truly are into the world, the Universe matches this energy.

This essence therefore helps us to understand that we are responsible for the words, beliefs and intentions we express and that they are the seeds of our personal creations. Creation doesn’t happen in the past or the future. It happens in the here and now by the choices and intentions we make and the Universe responds in its own wise and powerful way.

When making this essence, the native Blue Banded Bees were once again flying around the plant, just as they did when I made the original Blue Borage Essence. And, as I did for the Blue Borage essence, I waited for each White Borage flower to be first buzz pollinated by a Blue Bandy before delicately snipping into the bowl. This sonication pollination vibration is truly divine and bee blessed.


White Borage Flower Essence

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