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Connecting to our inner Divine Golden Light Being with York Gum Flower Essence


The day this essence was made was during the powerful December astrological energetic build up to the 2020 Summer Solstice. When I took a photo of the essence, I was mesmerised by the presence of dozens of tiny Light Beings infusing the water alongside the flowers.


Taking this essence, I came to realise that these Light Beings were present to tether a stream of spiritual energy from the divine to the bowl. A spiritual energy known as Golden Light Ascension Energy.


Although I wanted to immediately release her healing energy to the collective consciousness and make her available for everyone to take, I had a very strong message from the York Flower Spirit that I needed to hold on to this precious Essence for a while before releasing her.


Finally, after nearly a year since making, the message is clear and it IS time.


York Gum Golden Light Essence is a high frequency essence made specifically for this time. This essence is a gift from the heart of the universe. She is here to let you know that you are loved, supported and the Universe believes in you.


It is the perfect time to release her to help bring us into Golden Ascension while the Earth is in this highly polarised state. Light is more powerful. When we connect to it and anchor it in, we radiate light that connects at the heart level and it increases the bandwidth of light on the earth.


As you take this essence, the high frequency energies tether us to the divine. This essence is helping to birth the much-needed release from the density of the 3rd & 4th dimensions, as evolving humanity looks to the horizon of the 5th dimension. As we lift the veil of complacency, she encourages independent thought and a sense of inner-knowing.


The power of the York Gum Golden Light Essence gives us strength, boosts our energy, and helps us focus on life goals and achieve them. We feel the strength to release what is no longer serving our higher purpose, whether on an emotional, physical or spiritual level.


Taking this essence can help:

Protect our aura from negative energies

Fuel us with support, love and strength

Bring happiness and peace to our lives

Disconnect from the collective fear & anxiety programming

Increase positivity

Flexibility, independent thought and a sense of inner knowing

Clear toxic energies, clears lingering or stuck energy

Lifting our overall vibration

Activating & aligning us into a higher path long-term

Recognise what is holding us back and releasing it



York Gum Golden Light Essence

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