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Healthy brain or reduce wrinkles?

Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) & Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) are two herbs with amazing healing abilities and are exceptionally easy to grow, given the right conditions. I first planted them in my frog pond but found I was dodging frog poopy each time I went to pick some - not nice for a herbal infusion 😝.

I made these wicking beds 6 months ago and they've gone nuts in that time as they both are enjoying the constant moisture that is wicking upwards from the water reservoir. They are just 100L drums cut in half. To make the reservoir we have turned plant pots upside down in the base and placed heavy duty mesh over the top of these (cut to the size of the drum). Geofabric is the placed over the mesh to create a barrier between the water and the soil level. An overflow hole is drilled at the level of the mesh to ensure the soil does not become water logged and voila! Wicking bed done. We water these pots once a week to top up the reservoir and that's all they require in the peak heat of summer.

Brahmi and Gotu Kola are tonics to the nervous system, which simply means they help to improve the normal function and therefore are great to take when there is extra stress in your daily life. Plus Bacopa enhances our cognition and is a great herb to keep the brain healthy as we age or for students to help with memory, concentration and retention of information. Gotu Kola is touted as an anti-aging herb by promoting healing & possibly reducing wrinkles! Plus improves venous circulation and the integrity of the vessels. Both a easy to grow, easy to pick and easy to brew up for a regular cuppa.

Green Tree Blessings x

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