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What's Flowering in our patch in Djilba (August / September 2019)

The second in a series of blogs where I share what's flowering in our patch. With a deep respect for the traditional custodians of this land, I'm sharing what's flowering during each of the 6 Indigenous seasons. We are currently around the middle of the Djilba, traditionally known as the season of conception and associated with weather that is a mixture of wet days with increasing number of clear, cold nights and pleasant warm days .

Our aim here is to give a majority of our land back to nature and one way we do this is by having an abundance of food in the form of flowers for all endemic fauna - from the tiniest native bees to the largest foraging mammals and birds and everything in between. From trees to groundcovers, natives to edibles, here's our list of plants that are in flower. We hope you find some inspiration from this list for what you could plant in your own garden. (Note: some are only flowering for parts of Djilba and some are flowering throughout the whole season:)

Banksia menziesii - dwarf

Native Trees (only some endemic)

  • Tuart - Eucalyptus gomphocephala

  • Long flowering Marlock - Eucalyptus macrandra

  • Gungurru - Eucalyptus caesia ssp caesia

  • Silver Princess - Eucalyptus caesia ssp magna

  • Fushcia Gum - Eucalyptus forrestiana

  • Tea Tree - Melaleuca alternifolia

  • Eucalyptus preissiana

  • Spotted gum - Corymbia maculata

  • Karri - Eucalyptus diversicolor

  • York gum - Eucalyptus loxophleba

  • Rottnest Pine

  • Black Wattle (weedy)

  • Blue Mallee Eucalyptus

  • Marri (out of season)

  • Blackwood wattle - Acacia melanoxylon

Eucalyptus preissiana

Native Shrubs (only some endemic)

  • Ruby Glow - Leptospermum scoparium

  • Pink Lady - Leptospermum scoparium

  • Grevillea Spider Flower - Grevillea rosmarinifolia

  • Grevillea olivacea - orange, yellow, red

  • Banksia menziesii dwarf

  • Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

  • Native Rosemary - Westringia fruiticosa

  • Cut leaf banksia - Banksia praemorsa

  • Grevillea carramar

  • Grevillea Bonnie Prince Charles

  • Grevillea Supreme

  • Native Hibiscus - alyogyne huegelii

  • Kunzea baxteri

  • Hakea lissocarpha

  • Wedding Bush - Ricinocarpos pinifolius

  • Hypocalymma angustifolium

  • Grass Trees - emerging flower stalks

  • Spearwood - Kunzea glabrescens

  • Brown Boronia - Boronia megastigma

  • Templetonia retusa - Cockies Tongue

Wedding Bush

Native Groundcovers & Climbers (only some endemic)

  • Hibbertia grossulariifolia - Guinea Flower

  • Brachycombe daisy

  • Grevillea 'Gin Gin Gem'

  • Scaevola purple fanfare

  • Banksia blechnifolia

  • Banksia Birthday Candles

  • Chorizema cordatum - Heart Leaf Flame Pea (low shrub)

  • Native Wisteria - Hardenbergia violacea

  • Native Wisteria - Hardenbergia violacea - Alba

  • Native Clematis

  • Black Coral Pea vine

  • Grevillea - Poorinda Royal Mantle

Chorizema Cordatum with a tiny Trichocolletes species native bee


  • California Poppy

  • Elder flower - just beginning

  • Calendula officinalis

  • Borage

  • Lime

  • Mandarin

  • Lemon

  • Apricot

  • Kumquat

  • Navel Orange

  • Almond

  • White & Yellow flesh nectarine

  • Peach

  • Onion grass

  • Oxalis - soursob

  • Cape weed

  • Dandelion

  • Overwintered brassicas and asian greens

  • Violets

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme groundcover

  • Globe Artichoke heads emerging

  • Society Garlic

  • Clary sage

  • Pineapple sage

My staple... always in flower! Calendula officinalis

Ornamental Shrubs/Trees/Groundcovers

  • Echium - Pride of Madeira

  • Viburnum tinus

  • Tree aeonium

  • Giant Jade

  • Buddlejia yellow

  • Osteospermum White Daisy With Purple Center

  • Protea 'Pink Ice'

  • Tibouchina 'Jazzie'

  • Pink diosma

  • Pineapple sage

  • Mexican marigold

  • 'Hot Lips' Salvia

  • 'Wendy's Wish' Salvia

  • Yellow Daisy - Euryops chrysanthemoides

  • Erysimum 'Bowles's Mauve' (Wallflower)

  • Ornamental Plum

  • Bradley Pear

  • Manchurian Pear

  • Golden diosma

  • Irises

  • Purple and white trailing lantana

  • Convolvulus sabatius purple ground cover

  • Blue bacopa

A tiny Reed bee visiting Pink Diosma flowers

And that's a wrap from our patch for August/September 2019.

Bee Blessings

Trac x

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