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In love with bees

Today is the start of the Autumn Pollinator Week - any gardener who grows their own food knows how important bees and all pollinators are for bountiful crops.

Pollinator Week is an environmental initiative that has been celebrated in various countries since 2007. It's mission is to highlight the importance of pollinators to our ecosystems and their decline worldwide, including bees, birds, butterflies and bats.

Every year this is an opportunity to raise awareness of pollinator needs and encourage everyone to take action to support them.

I enjoyed sitting amongst my insectary plants counting all the different pollinators visiting the flowers, including this beautiful native bee.

I'm a little in love with our native bees so i was really happy to see 7 different types of bees just in this patch of flowers. It would be about 4 square metres of flowers including borage, cosmos, yarrow, anise hyssop, calendula, California poppies and oregano.

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