Healing Garden podcast, with Sarah Chopra

"In episode 16, I chat with naturopath and native bee enthusiast, Tracy Lansdell.

Tracy lives in the South-West of Western Australia, and has created an environment that not only nourishes her and her family, but is also a therapeutic haven for her clients and native flora and fauna in the area.

Tracy shares her love of nature and how you can work with nature to heal and create a sense of calm. Tracy has such a passion for education and inspiring others on the topics of native bees, bee hotels, veggie gardens and flower essences.

She describes her Green Tree Naturopathy business as a combination of her dedication to the land, the plants and the people, she blends naturopathic consultations with sustainability education, showing ways we can as individuals live a more fulfilling and sustainable life whilst caring for our ecosystems, all through the simple task of gardening".

The GUT guru, Sarah Chopra


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