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Why you should use a practitioner.

For anyone who watched ABC’s 4 Corners program that aired last night on the quality and safety of vitamins and dietary supplements….The most important message in response to this show is that the Practitioner is at the centre of safe, effective natural therapies, including the use of supplements. And safe natural medicine practice is best delivered following quality consultation with an accredited practitioner. It is this consultation process that provides effective prescribing of natural remedies.

4 Corners was focusing on the American industry and they did not state the obvious difference between the American FDA (food and drug administration) regulations to that of the Australian TGA (therapeutic goods administration).

Australia has a two-step process for the regulation of supplements similar to that of pharmaceuticals standards. Both steps involve a higher level of scrutiny aimed at ensuring that responsible, evidence-based and high quality products are available to consumers. Australian Practitioner Only Products (POPs) that only your accredited practitioner can prescribe are of the highest quality.

4 corners certainly exposed the ugly, unregulated side of the money making charlatans in the supplements industry and not only are millions of dollars being wasted on these products but tragically some are even causing permanent ill-health and even death.

Therefore I reiterate my first point – the practitioner is the centre of safe, effective natural therapies. We are here to guide you with your health and wellbeing and recommend the highest quality natural remedies to help you achieve your highest possible health.

Please avoid cheap supplements available in such places as your supermarket aisles. Don’t be sucked in by any internet claims of a ‘cure-all’ in a bottle, especially if it is an overseas product.

DO see an accredited practitioner - whether in a health food store or in private practice - to ensure you’re health and healing is the number one priority, not making money.

Green Tree Blessings x


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