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Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July. This fantastic environmental initiative was co-founded by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz who is originally from my home town - Greenbushes. What started as a local Perth event 5 years ago has now grown to one where 10’s of thousands of people from all around the world participate. Plastic Free July (PFJ) aims to raise awareness of the amount of plastic in our lives by encouraging people to eliminate single-use plastic during the month of July each year.

When we look at our plastic usage there are some things that are easy to eliminate and removing them just takes a bit of remembering, organising and practice. The top 4 single-use pieces are: plastic bags, straws, water bottles and takeaway coffee cups.

10 years ago I read an article in the Earth Garden magazine that gave instructions on how to make drawstring bags out of netting material to use as an alternative to the small plastic bags for purchasing fruit, veggies and bulk items. I have used these ever since and can only imagine how many plastic bags I've saved entering the environment each week.

HELPING YOUR PLASTIC FREE JULY EFFORTS... You'll never have to look at another single-use disposable plastic bag for your fresh produce. This set of 5 lightweight drawstring bags will hold any type of fruit or veggie or bulk items.They are very lightweight and easy care, just machine or hand wash. They last for years and years - I'm still using the first ones I made for myself 10 years ago! Head over to the shop if you would like your own pack.

Just remember that every day, every single time you refuse plastic is significant. Collectively our efforts combine and they are already making a difference.

Green Tree Blessings x

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