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What is holding space?

During consultations you are given the time to talk about your health in detail and to really delve inwards to identify any stress or emotions connected to your symptoms. For some individuals this can be their first experience with a health practitioner who allows them this extended time to express how they're feeling.

I understand the art of healing, which is more than dispensing a nutritional supplement or herbal remedy. To understand the context of a your ill-health or symptoms, I take the time to listen to your story.

When I hold space for my clients;

I open my heart and offer support with no judgement,

I encourage you and give you the tools to listen and trust your own intuition,

I give you as much information in each session that you can absorb and avoid overwhelm,

I empower you to make choices that will support your health and treatment,

I provide a safe space for you to feel deep or complex emotions that need clearing for you to move forward with your healing,

I respect each person's differences and recognise that those differences may lead to you making choices that I would not make,

I give gentle guidance with humility and thoughtfulness

Effective naturopathic treatment requires patience and good communication. Many clients know what is wrong and what needs to be done, but they don't know how to translate this into an action plan. I help you translate your story and assign priorities among the several options that may emerge. I also take time to answer your questions.

Quite simply, I listen, wait, watch and then respond with compassion, support and awareness.

Green Tree Blessings x


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